Market Research

The speed in which we receive information or witness events, whether true or fake, can shift opinions and attitudes of millions in a matter of hours - not days. To capture and understand this new world, we need a new approach.

Trendency’s platform provides the insight of a focus group with the consistent data stream of a daily tracking poll.


Customer Experience

Traditional customer experience research is driven by action, but that is not the only piece of your customer’s experience. An average satisfaction score does little to help understand your customer's experience. At Trendency we believe in creating a unique experience that engages consumers throughout their decision-making processes.


Digital Campaigns

In 2017, digital ad spending surpassed television ad spending. In 2019, it is projected that digital spending will surpass all other spending combined (TV, print, radio etc).

With Trendency’s constant flow of data, our clients are making decisions on their digital spending based on an understanding of what is happening right now, not based on assumptions or data after the campaign is completed.


Member & Employee Engagement

Companies and organization executives no longer have the luxury to wait for an annual or semi-annual survey to receive important feedback on their members and employees. Our culture has drastically sped up along with the rest of the world with dynamics shifting throughout the year.

Trendency provides data on an on-going basis so executives can monitor key indicators throughout the year, and employees are listened to and feel like they are part of the process throughout the year.