Corporations & PR firms

Corporations and agencies often turn to Trendency for use of its innovative research designs. Whether tracking an existing brand through crisis management, launching a new product or initiating marketing campaigns, Trendency can engage hard to reach audiences on difficult topics and provide partners with reliable, accurate data at the "speed of life.”

Our research can help:

  • Identify underlying shifts in brand awareness before, during and following next marketing campaign, product launch, or crisis

  • Capture more data with Trendency’s Customer Experience and Satisfaction Model

Non-profits & Advocacy Groups

We pride ourselves on working with organizations that are making a real difference and are advancing causes that make our country and world a better place to live. Whether providing support for issue advocacy, member and donor research, or brand redesign, Trendency has helped countless non-profit and advocacy groups make critical decisions that are informed by reliable data.

Our research can help:

  • Identify solutions that resonate with voter groups and pinpoint the most credible experiences, traits, characteristics, and values associated with these solutions

  • Explore themes that motivate donors, volunteers, and supporters


Professional Organizations & Associations

Professional organizations can no longer rely solely on annual surveys and reports to keep members aware of emerging challenges and opportunities. In today’s fast paced world, Trendency provides organization executives with a constant stream of information designed to keep any Board of Directors well informed, while always providing needed flexibility to address emerging social, economic, or political threats.

Our research can help:

  • Timely feedback from your industry’s key stakeholders and members

  • Identify and follow new trends throughout the fiscal year with Trendency’s Commitment and Rejection Index

Government & Campaigns

Across the country, aspiring candidates are asking one central question: Can I win? The answer to this question is often complex and begins with changing how the likelihood of success is defined. At Trendency, we look at what the odds of a candidate’s success are, and how, if at all, we can favorably increase those odds by Election Day. From local school board races to US Senate races, Trendency Research has helped clients outperform expectations and find ways to cut through the clutter that tends to exist in most campaigns today.

Our research can help:

  • Measure awareness and favorability of current and potential elected office holders

  • Create a profile of the target audience based on demographic and psycho-graphic data