Stop missing out on 80%

of your Customer Feedback


Traditional CX Surveys provide answers to the question: “How did we do?” But how is this helping you provide a better CX next time? Does it make sense to only ask for feedback once and at the same point every time?

3 Challenges to Customer Feedback


Lack of Feedback

According to recent studies, customers say they do share positive experiences (49%) more than negative experiences (30%). The challenge? There are just so few truly positive experiences. Most are just - meh.


Static Feedback at the End

Moreover, traditionally we only capture data AFTER the customer completes the full journey, limiting feedback. If the customer returns, we still miss out on what drove them back. Was it because they enjoyed the first experience? Or was it a lack of options?


Process Repeats itself


Trendency provides our clients with the most important asset: the ability to look at the full picture.


At Trendency, we believe in creating a truly unique and positive experience that engages consumers throughout AND in-between their experience.

Trendency connects the information our clients have with an understanding of how, and why, opinions and behaviors change.


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